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7 Fun Facts about Vietnamese Culture You May or May not Know

All countries, including Vietnam, have unique cultural traits. Here are the 7 fun facts about Vietnamese culture that you will want to discover.

Citizens think that whoever having a car is rich


Cars are expensive (Source: Google)

There are two most common vehicles in Vietnam that you can easily see on the streets. They are motorcycles and cars. Motorcycles seem to outnumber cars because they are reasonably priced. Also, they are manufactured in Vietnam so the costs and models are quite varied.

Unlike motorcycles, cars are extremely expensive in this country. They can be 20 to 30 times more costly than those in other countries. The ground is the high taxes and fees that the government charges on this type of vehicle. Therefore, instead of buying a car as a gift for children when they get into college, Vietnamese parents often buy a motorcycle.

Although the economy has been tremendously developed, many people still think that cars are for the rich.

Old women love wearing pyjamas on the street


A woman in pajama (Source: Google)

Nothing can be more comfortable than a pajama whether in Vietnamese culture or Western culture. Nevertheless, you will find it hard to see an American or Western woman wearing it and going out on the street. However, this is relatively normal for Vietnamese women, especially those living in the countryside.

The pajamas they put on have countless numbers of styles and colors. They can be green, black, yellow, or decorated with patterns. In summer, women can wear shorts. And in winter, they can replace them with trousers. You may not feel familiar with this image at first. But there is a chance that you will be jealous of Vietnamese women’s comfort afterward.

Men like hanging out at beer restaurants


Men love beer (Source: Google)

Most Vietnamese men love alcohol drinks in general and beer in particular. It is a fact that not only the world but also the Vietnamese have agreed. You can see this with your own eyes by observing beer restaurants from 5 to 9 pm.

It does not matter how large a restaurant is or whether it is a street restaurant. The only thing that the owners have to do in order to attract customers is serving good beer and drinking snacks. The restaurant will be crowded within just a few minutes. Vietnamese men can sit there, enjoy their drinks, and chat all night long.

Wine made from animals is favored

Various citizens in Vietnam, particularly old-age men, favor wine made from animals. In their opinion, these types of drinks taste good and beneficial for health. This is an unusual trait in Vietnamese culture.

Almost any animals can be used to produce wine. The most common ones are snakes, moorhens, bees, and silkworms. Furthermore, the body parts of animals can be consumed as well. For examples, a brewer can utilize a goat’s fetus and testicles, a monkey’s brain, or a bear’s arm to make wine or mix the wine with a snake’s blood.

These wine bottles are kept for years and even regarded as incredibly precious by their brewers.

Local people often eat strange types of food


Half-hatched egg (Source: Google)

In numerous foreign people’s mind, Vietnam is well-known for irregular specialties. Half-hatched eggs, dog meat, alligators, tortoises, rats, or porcupines are several instances. Many local citizens living in the countryside even have farms breeding alligators for meat. And the prices are not so low.

You may find this fact quite frightening. Nevertheless, not all Vietnamese support it. In reality, restaurants serving alligator, tortoise, and porcupine meat only appear in a small number. Half-hatched eggs, dog meat, and rats are more common dishes and can be found in some markets.

“Cursing” restaurants seem to be fond of


Cursing noodle is tasty (Source: Google)

A restaurant owner offending customers is definitely unacceptable in other countries. Nonetheless, this does not seem to be the case in Vietnam. Some noodle restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are occupied although their owners are relatively rude. They are called the “cursing” restaurants.

The main reason for diners to visit them often is the food, and perhaps curiosity. The owners are indeed impolite but the food that they make is flavorful. One of the restaurants in Hanoi even used to be featured on CNN and praised by Anthony Bourdain. Many connoisseurs still visit these restaurants to not only experience the noodle but also see if the rumors are true.

The street culture


Farmers’ market in Tet Holiday (Source: Google)

In Vietnam, there is one thing called the street culture. It makes Vietnamese culture more interesting in travelers’ eyes. The citizens do not mind sitting on a sidewalk and enjoying their meals or shopping at farmers’ outdoor markets. In fact, they love it.

As a result, wherever a residential area is, there is a market nearby. Moreover, because of this street culture, almost anyone can be a street vendor in Vietnam. All they need is a bicycle or a motorcycle and their product. Customers can easily come to them if they choose a busy location.

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