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Satisfy Your Penchant for Culture with these 6 Vietnamese Ancient Villages

Vietnam local tour will be extremely more interesting when you have a chance to visit the following ancient villages.

1.    Phuoc Tich Ancient Village


Phuoc Tich Ancient Village (Source: Google)

Conveniently located about 1 kilometer from Highway 1A, this little peaceful village promises an interesting journey. Having been established for over 500 years and suffering from many natural catastrophes, Phuoc Tich Village was well-preserved. Its primitive beauty has been almost the same as before.

You can still see the typical scenery of the Vietnamese countryside when joining a local tour in Vietnam, such as banyan trees, wharves, and communal houses. Phuoc Tich is similar to a lively painting about the countryside in Vietnam. Besides the ancient houses, pottery has been its famous handicraft for centuries.

The ceramic products in this village are sophisticated and durable. All of them are handmade and baked in wood firing kilns. You should visit Mr. Le Trong Dien’s house, where nearly all of the pottery antiques are kept if you want to contemplate them.

2.    Duong Lam Ancient Village


Duong Lam Ancient Village (Source: Google)

Duong Lam is one of the most well-known ancient villages in Vietnam together with Phuoc Tich. There are up to 956 ancient houses here, some of which were built in the 1600s. The oldest house in the village has been over 400 years old. And there are still many ancient documents conserved in it.

However, the most impressive thing about Duong Lam Village is not the age of the houses, but their architecture. Common features that you often see are the laterite stone gates and walls of the houses, tiled alleys, high thresholds, and altar rooms. Every detail in the ancient houses shows vivid cultural and historical traits.

A special characteristic that you can see is that all houses have yards lower than the street. On rainy days, the water from the alleys will spill the yards before getting out through the sewers, which symbolizes wealth coming to the family.

3.    Mui Ne Fishing Village


Mui Ne Fishing Village (Source: Google)

This is not only a famous spot in a Vietnam local tour but also a place where you can discover the life of fishermen. Mui Ne Fishing Village is about 23 kilometers away from Phan Thiet City and located along the beach. It has always been a particular attraction to both domestic and international travelers.

The best time to visit this village is in the early morning. You will be able to see the fishermen come back to the shore under the sunrise and bring tons of fresh seafood to the market. Experiencing the daily life here can be extremely fascinating. After the merchandisers receive the seafood from the fishermen, they will classify and sell it to tourists.

It is recommended to walk deeper into the fishing village to discover how dried fish, cuttlefish, and fish sauce are meticulously created.

4.    Cu Lan Ancient Village


Cu Lan Ancient Village (Source: Google)

It is almost November in Vietnam, which is the season of wild sunflowers in Cu Lan Village. Among all of the ancient villages in this country, Cu Lan in Dalat City is probably the most romantic one.

The romance appears in every corner of this village and even in its name. The legend has it that there was a young, innocent, and odd boy falling in love with a girl in Dalat City. He dreamt of building a poetic heaven from rocks and stones as a gift for her. Perhaps people found his wish absurd so they started calling him “Cu Lan,” which meant silly. This myth has been mentioned in the songs of the Koho people until now.

There are numerous activities that you can do when visiting Cu Lan Village. If you love adventurous trips, trying brand new leisure or teamwork games here will be a good idea. If you love contemplating landscapes, strolling around the village and taking some pictures are the best suggestions.

5.    Po Mu Village


Po Mu Village (Source: Google)

Whoever has traveled to Son La Province before may never forget Po Mu Village. It is a small village located in the highest mountain of Muong La District. The landscapes, as well as houses here, are cloaked in an air of mysticism and look like some lost kingdom that you often hear in fairy tales.

The track leading up to the village dangerous with imposing mountain passes. Nonetheless, once you have overcome them and arrived at the spot, the trip will be completely worth the risks. The first thing that will come into view is hundreds of houses made by Fujian Cypress, a valuable type of wood in Vietnam.

Venturing a little deeper into the village, you will see that not only the houses but also the whole village have quite unusual structures. The houses have only one floor with a small attic at the front.  Furthermore, they are arranged in a perfect order. And there are alleys designed like a chessboard coming between them. Everything looks quaint and tranquil.

6.    Cu Da Ancient Village


Cu Da Ancient Village (Source: Google)

Cu Da Ancient Village, situated on the outskirts of Hanoi, is known as one of the historical spots in a local tour Vietnam. It has been established for hundreds of years. Culture-vultures will fall in love with it at first sight due to its Eastern style combined with French architecture.

To get to the village, you need to go through a large propylaeum. It looks firm and majestic, which can be regarded as the evidence of time. After that, a large number of ancient houses will appear in front of you. They are constructed by timbers and often divided into three compartments.

Walking along the alleys, you will come across two-storied houses that take after ordinary French style. They are characterized by the dome-shaped porches, extraordinary patterns, and sophisticated designs. Another thing that you will see while taking a walk in the village is the vermicelli.

Apart from the architecture, Cu Da Village is popular for the traditional vermicelli production as well. The exclusive golden color of vermicelli on sunny days even makes the ancient village more magnificent and brilliant.

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