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Au Manoir de Khai – French Essence Inside an Ever Shut Saigon Villa

Au Manoir de Khai, an all-time closed massive villa sitting right in the heart of Saigon, has been seen as one of the most mystic sites to be visited. Even for most natives, the building seems to hold a great deal of fancy vibe inside, behind that he closed wooden gate. Let’s discover the hidden high-end atmosphere of Au Manoir de Khai, a five-star dining villa and find out why it can become a stunning jade of your Saigon history tour.

A magnificent fancy interior behind the ever shut door

Sitting quietly at the intersection of Điện Biên Phủ and Lê Quý Đôn Streets, Au Manoir de Khai especially puts on its best outfit of the day when the Sun is gradually leaving the horizon. Within a few steps crossing through the quiet wooden gate, you would be led to a whole hidden space lying against the hectic vibe outside. “Themed restaurant” is a newly emerging décor genre broadly applied by the finest high-end restaurants, where big businessmen and celebrities pick as a favorite place to meet up. Khải Silk, an exquisite talented master, has successfully applied the idea of “Themed restaurants” into his own villa, Au Manoir de Khai.


Inside the closed door (Source: Google)

Such a serene and mystic entrance have always triggered Saigonese towards an all-time favorite question: “What is actually inside such a place?”, and those who embraced a chance to enter will be ever amazed by its shining outlook inside that is hardly found elsewhere in the city today. A fusion of both overall architecture and detailed décor is a combination of the old and the new, and above all, the whole building emerges harmoniously with the surrounding nature.


Modernity (Source: Google)

Khải Silk – Au Manoir de Khai is virtually a part of a massive chain of high-end restaurants operated by Khải Hoàng, a big tycoon in the industry of silk-making. Khải chose to follow a legendary French style which delivers a mysterious sense to his diners inside a spacious fancy campus that seems to be never open. However, right after the moment, the gate is open, you would totally get lost in a heaven-like tropical garden with full of gardens, lights, green grass, flowers along with a collection of ceremonious dining tables and chairs.


Authentic Oriental vibe (Source: Google)

Another big step bringing Au Manoir de Khai an exceptional décor vibe is the hue of black and white well used all over the place. The serene, elegant black sections go just so well with the fresh and energetic white gamut. This helps the interior of the mansion become even more opulent and quaint. Such a tender feeling is released from the flying curtains, the vibrant purity comes from a huge collection of glass-made items, and the arrangement of massive mirrors seem to extend the whole space to infinity.


The game of black and white (Source: Google)

The waiting lounge at Au Manoir de Khai is designed with a French style at the end of the XIX century. This can be inferred from the large set of paintings hung on the walls and the lively antique masterpieces. Aside from the villa itself, Au Manoir de Khai delivers such a distinctive luxury living and dining ambiance. You may not think about this yet, but planning a Saigon history tour featured a trip inside the mansion would be a big memory to be beheld.

Au Manoir de Khai brings up-class Saigonese closer to European gastronomy

For those who have not recognized in the first place, Ai Manoir de Khai is genuinely a five-star French restaurant. Its largest capacity is only 35 guests at a time. The game of modernity and tradition has delivered a whole new breath to native Saigonese, who aim at searching for the best service, in addition to the best of food.


French gastronomy (Source: Google)

Apparently, Au Manoir de Khai is usually listed as one of the top dining makers in Saigon, which is brought to the city by Khải Hoàng. In addition to the listed décor values above, Au Manoir de Khai comes up with a fancy menu of French cuisine, which is known to be the main concept of the venue. Apart from the sensational Kobe beef and foie gras, you can choose to be served with groupers, American lobsters, French Truffle, Tasmanian salmon, Australian caviar, and a lot more.


Salad (Source: Google)

A true French feast definitely cannot go without the essential presence of long-made Vin. This is the reason why Khải Silk had put a lot of effort into investing and opening such a huge wine cellar packed with more than 200 types of top-ranking wine and champagne. Do not forget to order a bottle for a cozy night.


Khải Silk (Source: Google)

With all of the values well listed above, there is no reason why you should leave Au Manoir de Khai behind and toss it off your Saigon history tour list. We all agree that everything, important or not, is still a part of history, and such phenomenal architecture like Khải Silk’s mansion is totally worth it.

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