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Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: Things to Know Before You Visit

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, regconized as a World Heritage Site in 2003 by UNESCO, has brought remarkable experiences to travelers around the world. Aside from Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, there are a lot of other things to do. This place has everything you desire from a destination of paradise, from lakes, mountains, jungles to exotic wildlife.

Below we give you a detailed guide with useful information from what to do, when to go, where to stay, and what to eat.

Best Time to Visit

This wonder is situated in Quang Binh province (Central Vietnam’s North). It’s humid and hot. June – August is the hottest months, which is the favorite time to go around. It will be raining from August to December, and cold from December to February.

How Many Days Do You Need in Phong Nha Ke Bang?

It’s too beautiful to savor in one day. If you have a tight schedule, two days are okay. At least three days are perfect, as you can explore the destination in some first days and find inner peace when immersing yourself into nature on the last day.

What to Do

1. Main attractions that should be on your priority list.

  • Son Doong Cave: Son Doong and Big Ben in London can be fierce competitors in terms of height. It’s also so big that it has its own river, jungle, beach, as well as the ecosystem.


The world’s largest cave (Source: Google)

  • Va Cave & Nuoc Nut Cave: Their rock pools don’t need photoshop to become beautiful. The trip there can be challenging since you need to have strenuous movement to the caves.
  • Tu Lan Caves System: You can swim, crawl, and climb through the tunnels there. This system is perfect for those loving to burrow through the passageway as well as floating down the underground rivers.
  • En Cave: It’s the world’s third largest. You will enjoy an overnight stay at the entrance of the cave or in the unspoiled jungle.
  • Pygmy Cave: As the world’s fourth biggest, it has been one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. On the way, you can swim underground rivers aside from wading through ponds.
  • Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave

paradise cave

Inside paradise cave (Source: Google)

They’re the most well-loved destinations in the park. Your half-day trips there will be full of fun. To enter Phong Nha Cave, enjoy an exciting journey along the beautiful river. There is a range of wooden walkways in Paradise Cave, which allows you to discover safely.

2. Things to Do in Phong Nha

  • Hiking and Walking: One of the favorite activities in Phong Nha is hiking through the lush jungle. If you are fond of wildlife, consider visiting animal rescue centers.
  • Kayaking: It’s an alternative way to explore Phong Nha Cave. You can enjoy many fun activities in Toi Cave – a few kilometers away. They include swimming, kayaking, as well as zip lining.
  • Zip-lining (VND 450,000/person for adults and children from 1.3m tall): Adventure seekers can opt for the 400m zip line, which takes you sailing over the Chay River into Toi (Dark) Cave. You can choose to to slide into the cave or release yourself into the river for a bath.
  • Driving: You can follow narrow lanes and cross paddies into the countryside. Leisurely cycling in and around the town is undoubtedly a memorable experience.

Where to stay

Phong Nha (Vietnam) is a fantastic place to immerse yourself into the heart-fluttering beauty of the countryside in Vietnam. There are many accommodation options in the town. They can be an upscale resort, or hostels, homestays along the beautiful river.

What to Eat

Quang Binh is not just amazing with its impressive scenery but water-mouthing food specialties. Some of them should be:

1. Chao Banh Canh (Porridge Soup)


Don’t miss it! (Source: Google)

Don’t let its name confuse you. People don’t cook this dish as porridge. Instead, noodles made from rice flour are essential ingredients. The broth is thick with the perfect mixture of pork, shrimp, fish, etc. The locals often serve the soup with shredded cabbage.

2. Banh Bot Loc (Filter Cake)

It is stuffed with braised pork and shrimps and covered in banana leaves. Enjoying the food with chili sauce will take the savory experience to the next level!

Wrapping It Up

Phong Nha Ke Bang is a paradise for real adventures as well as leisure travelers. There include biggest caves, ancient karsts, rivers with the twist and turns, and vast mountain ranges, which will bring you otherworldly experiences.

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